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17 November 2022

New Tools and Resources are Live on the Willowfinch App!

Ready for the big news?! We’ve added and updated all kinds of things on the app and we’re celebrating with a new Launch Special through Tuesday, November 22nd.

Willowfinch goes beyond your typical real estate maps and income calculators to help you make a move that makes you happy.

Our tools and maps give you smart insights like affordability analysis and personalized cost-of-living projections to keep your home search focused on what matters to you and your goals. And the best part is it’s all automatic!

Just sign up for your free account and use your favorite real estate sites to save properties that catch your eye straight into your Willowfinch account.

Willowfinch taps into data like local taxes, health insurance, and more to create a heatmap of potential costs or savings of each saved property. You’ll see at a glance which properties are most likely to move you closer to your financial goals and wish list.

Want to explore the numbers a bit? Adjust your details or goals and see the calculations update right away. You’ll head into meetings armed with the clarity you need, but without having to spend all of your time digging through data to get it.

Plus, we’ve created a special launch bonus to give you access to additional nationwide maps like:

  • NOAA Climate Data
  • State Health Insurance
  • Sales Taxes
  • 2000-2020 Presidential Election Data

These powerful maps are straight out of our $75 Booster package, so make sure to sign up before the Launch Special ends on Tuesday, November 22nd!

Keep millions of data points at your fingertips as you shape your plans and dig into new and old locations and make your house-hunting decisions with more confidence than ever. Whether you’re planning a move now or exploring possible locations for your future retirement plans, it’s time to power up your house hunt with Willowfinch!

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