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Willowfinch's tools give you the data and insights you need to go beyond the typical real estate maps and generic calculators.

Get clear projections and comparisons that make it easier than ever to find a house that fits you and your goals.

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What is Willowfinch?

The Moving Precision App

Our app provides personalized cost-of-living calculations, property-by-property, and affordability analysis to give you a more accurate picture of where you should move.




Save your favorite properties across the U.S. on Redfin, Zillow, and

See a customizable heat map of the places based on how they align to your financial goals.

Get property-by-property analysis based on your unique financial and living situation.

For many American homeowners, the home is their largest financial asset and should therefore be at the core of their financial planning, including planning for retirement.

Thomas Sponholtz, CEO of Union Global


of homes in America are owned by people over the age of 50.


The average annual budget hit with just a 5% cost-of-living increase.

Planning for a big move and mapping other life shifts requires a lot of data— beyond listing prices and national averages — most people don't have the time or resources to dig into. Now they do!

Sai Ramachandran

Founder of Moogle

"I'm convinced Willowfinch is going to disrupt how people use data of various sorts to make life decisions."

We're not a simple income calculator.

Looking at you, SmartAsset, Niche, and NerdWallet.

Complex tax impact analysis

Customized health insurance calculations

New home vs. current home costs

Property tax details

Small town and rural browsing

250+ property selections

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You'll receive a custom map of properties based on your goals and a walkthrough of our tool so you can strengthen your results.

Choose a Willowfinch consultation with the purchase of our Explore package. This covers two 45-minute sessions.

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