Add the magic of Willowfinch to your financial services.

Make a smart move easier by providing data-driven insights on properties and neighborhoods that fit your client's lifestyle and goals.

Most Americans will move more than 11 times in their lifetime. For financial professionals, walking a client through the process of finding a new house is a key role with a big impact on their daily lives and future financial foundation.‍

They need a house that fits their financial situation and a “home” they enjoy, and they’re not the only ones out there looking! Local markets, tax laws, cost-of-living, and more affect the final outcomes.

But just because it can’t be done with numbers alone doesn’t mean the numbers can’t help. When you pull in the right data, the financial and personal mix to round up the most promising properties and locations that also fit their budget and long-term goals.

The question is what the right data is, where to find it, and just how long it will take to comb through it based on a client’s wish lists, timeline, and account balances.

That’s where Willowfinch can help! With the data and projections from our tools and maps, you'll be able to support your clients with more value in less time and help them make smarter decisions in their home search.

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Who is Willowfinch for?

Our process is designed for retirees, empty nesters, new families, snowbirds, remote workers, and anyone else looking at a big move.

Our proprietary tools tap into millions of economic data points around the web to bring everything they need into one simple dashboard while saving you hours of time and probably a few headaches.

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Getting Started:

We know you take pride in understanding the strategies and tools you use with your clients, so we start by walking you through an overview of Willowfinch. You’ll know what it does, how to use it, and all the tips and tricks we've learned to maximize the boost it gives to your work with clients.

  • Private 90-minute onboarding session - Scheduled with our founder, Andrea. She'll show you around the tool so you'll know exactly how to:
  • Set up clients' accounts and help them personalize the financial and timeline information up & know how to fill out the recommender & how to review results & generic tableau maps & white label their reports.
  • Complete the Recommender Questionnaire with clients for even more detailed personal reports and up to 100 recommended locations, based on their chosen scenario.
  • Review and share the nationwide and personalized Tableau maps with data on climate, sales tax, health insurance, and elections.
  • White label reports and recommendations for clients, if you would like to package the power of Willowfinch up with your other services.
  • A custom directory listing - On our list of Willowfinch-trained financial pros for our users looking for a professional in their area.
  • Ready-to-use promotional content - Emails,  designs for printing, and social media posts and image templates you'll be able to easy customize. Share them with current and potential clients to let them know about the powerful tools you've added to your already valuable expertise and offers.

How people move, work, travel, retire, and live has changed.

Willowfinch helps you save time, pinpoint the data that matters, and enhance your services in a competitive landscape to support your clients better than ever.‍ If you're interested in adding Willowfinch tools and expertise to your work, we'd love to talk.

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Ready-Made Resources

Blog posts, articles, and tools to share.

In the AIG’s Executive Summary for “The Future of Client-Advisor Relationships,” 82% of clients surveyed said they want to revisit their housing situation with their financial advisors.

We've gathered a few of our favorite resources to make it easier than ever to get the conversation started!

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